Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19, 2010 - Dead Horse Point State Park & Moab (Utah)

Today was our last day in Dead Horse Point State Park and we have to be ready to leave by noon.  Matt started out by doing his normal sunrise shoot.

We spent the morning hiking around to all of the overlook areas in the park.  We started out at our campground and hiked the 4+ miles down to the neck and then back up to the Visitors Center and then back to our campground. 
Matt enjoying the view of the Shafer Canyon overlook.
We came back to the RV and in 30 minutes had it all packed up and ready to do the 32 mile drive into Moab.  We got settled into our camground, Slickrock.  We barely have enough room to slide out as the sites are so narrow.  We are starting to understand the difference in the ratings in all our campground books and we see why this one is rated lower than the ones we have been staying at.  It could be really nice as there are lots of cottonwood trees all over, but they tried to squeeze in too many sites.  I doubt we will return to this campground in the future.

After getting settled in, we decided to visit the metropolis of Moab.  We're not sure if its just really busy here or if we are just used to the quiet of the parks, but its been a bit overwhelming!!  Lots of RV's, Jeeps, bikes, people, etc.  We visited several bike stores and a couple of gear stores.  I'm not the proud owner of a new smaller backpack that should hopefully help me out hiking a bit.  Matt found a new attachment for his pack that he had been looking for also.

We enjoyed a great burger dinner at the Moab Brewery where we both enjoyed some of their homemade root bear.  Back to the RV for a peaceful evening and a few catch up items.

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