Monday, June 21, 2010

Photos from Montana - Glacier National Park

Most of you will remember that we had a blowout on the interstate as we were driving from Utah into Great Falls, Montana.  This is a picture of what little was left of the tire once we got it off.  Needless to say, we have 4 new tires on the trailer and 2 spare tires now.

Here you can see some of the damage done by the blowout - It took a hunk out of the fender and crinkled some of the body behind the rear tire (it was the rear that blew out, pictured is the spare).  It also did some damage to the underneath of the slide that we had repaired in Great Falls.
We were so tired that we pulled off to sleep just to the South of Great Falls.  It was dark when we pulled in, so imagine our surprise when we woke in this beautiful setting the next morning.  This was a brand new RV lot that we stayed in since the rest area we planned on staying in was closed due to road construction.
Glacier National Park - St Mary Campground - Beautiful camping spot!
Glacier National Park - Baring Falls - Matt captured this during one of our hikes in the rain.

Glacier National Park - St. Mary's Falls - Matt also captured this one on our rainy day hike.  Notice the beautiful reddish rock everywhere.
Glacier National Park - Goose Island sunset by Matt
Glacier National Park - Shaggy mountain goats
Glacier National Park - Another view of St. Mary's Falls
Glacier National Park - Virginia Falls
East Glacier - "Jammers" - Refurbished tour cars used to tour Glacier National Park

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