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Louisiana - Oak Alley Plantation (May 2, 2011)

Louisiana - Oak Alley Plantation - May 2, 2011

Our last plantation was Oak Alley. If you can think of a quintessential southern antebellum plantation, this should be it. The alley leading to the front door of the "big house" was lined with 28 300 year old live oak trees. Picture Twelve Oaks from Gone with the Wind and double it!!! Amazing setting and much more of what you expect of a southern mansion with beautiful marble and wide open central hallways. All three plantations offered a little different view into the life of the pre-civil war era in Louisiana's sugar cane plantations.

I include this photo just for a sheer size comparison of the beautiful 3+ story plantation home and the magnificent 300 year old live oak trees.  Did you know that live oaks are called that because they are green all year round?
Here is a panoramic image that Matt took of the plantation showing the wonderful tree lined entry.  Be sure to click on the image for a full size image as this smaller one does not do it justice.

Here is a view from the levee along the Mississippi River towards the front of the home that I took.  All 28 trees are pictured here.  What an amazing view and definitely what I think of when I think of a tree lined entry way.
For more information on this wonderful plantation, visit their website at

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