Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Athens - June 18, 2007

We decided to spend our second full day in Athens viewing the monuments remaining at the Acropoli. We walked through the new gates, past the Parthenon and on to the temple of Athena. It was amazing that restoration work began in the 1800's on the temples and was still continuing. The views were somewhat diminished by all of the cranes and scaffolding around but it was still amazing to be gazing at these ancient temples.

Here Matt and I are standing in front of a colonnade called the "ladies". If you look closely at the pillars on the back of the temple, you will notice that they are ladies and not columns.

Here is Kim and I at the top of the Acropoli with the Greek flag flying in the background.

Later in the evening we decided that we needed to go back up Filapapo Hill for some more Acropoli shots. We also decided that a bottle of wine was needed!!!

We hung out at the top of the hill for Matt to capture the following gorgeous views of the Acropoli at sunset and the Parthenon night.

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