Monday, June 25, 2007

Back in Athens...

Hi everyone!! We have made our way back to Athens and are here for one more night before heading off to the islands for the remainder of our trip with Kim.

Yesterday, we had a great trip to Aegina (click on the name for a web link) by ferry. It is about an hour ferry ride to the south of Pireaus (the port of Athens about a half hour south of us). We had a great time viewing a beautiful temple built on the island in the 5th century BC (We'll post some pictures later on). We had some very interesting bus rides on the island as it seems local custom is to cram as many people on the bus as possible, and then add more!! It was very hot so we enjoyed some great cooling off time in the ocean. The water was chilly but not quite as cold as Crete. We sat on the deck while coming back to Athens and marveled at all that the ferry's can transport. We were amazed at an entire tour bus loading onto the ferry, but even more amazed to see a semi truck coming off one!!! Did I mention that these things were huge!!!

Today we are hanging out in Athens and will be doing some wonderful chores such as laundry and a bit of shopping errands.

Tomorrow will be our last day in Athens and we are planning on visiting the National Archealogical museum for the morning before heading out to Naxos tomorrow afternoon via ferry. It will be about a 4 hour ferry ride to the island. We will spend several nights in Naxos before heading out to the island of Santorini for several nights.

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