Thursday, June 21, 2007

We made it!!

Greece is wonderful. A little warm (OK, hot), but very beautiful. We have spent a couple of days in Athens and then we took a flight to Crete. We are on the Northern coast in a town called Chania. Its a beautiful city with a wonderful harbor.

Yesterday, we hiked the Samaria Gorge. It was a 16km hike (4000 feet downhill to the ocean). Afterwards, we enjoyed a swim in the beautiful Eqyptian Ocean. It was very refreshing after the long hike. The water was so chilly that after about 30 minutes, Matt was shivering!!

We will leave this town today and drive the 2 hours back to Iraklion, the capital of Crete, for another couple of days until we fly back to Athens for a few days. Then we are off to the islands of Naxos & Santorini.

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