Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A couple of general observations & travel habits...

I wanted to take a break from all the wonderful photos of showing you the history here in Greece to talk a little about the country itself and some strange travel habits that have developed.

You will note that the picture below is of some ancient 6th century BC ruins (Epidavros to be exact), but that is not why we took this picture. See those little white fluffy things in the sky (otherwise known as clouds)???? This picture was taken by us in amazement as those two little fluffy things were the first clouds that we have seen in Greece since we arrived (over a month ago). Imagine a country that not only has not received a drop of rain in over a month, but also has had the sun beating down on it without the benefit of cloud cover. While we haven't quite figured out if this is normal or not, we don't think it is because of all the fires around Athens (there are fires burning there again today).

This next picture has to have all credit going to Katelyn for a terrific idea!!!

As many of you know, Katelyn likes to have "raggie" around. Well, Auntie "G" has very quickly adopted this practice while in Greece as shown by the picture below. It is amazing the uses that "raggie" has had while here. Its a great swimsuit cover up, guard against the hot sun & the pesky sunburn (which as you now know, never stops shinning), its a warm wrap at night, etc, etc.. Matt has asked her to stop sleeping with it, but we'll see how that goes. And yes, I do have clothes on underneath, we decided that "raggie" needed to be worn a bit differently for pictures as it looks like I'm ready for the toga party. Needless to say, "raggie" must go everywhere!!!

This picture was at a medieval castle in Nafplio, I am standing outside the prison door. Boy it sucked to be a prisoner in those days.

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