Monday, September 17, 2007

Just add wind...

Well, its been another quiet day here in terms of wind! I think Matt is officially stir crazy but the guitar playing sounds great!!

We've had another day of no wind, very little sun, and rain showers. We seem to be in the middle of some type of tropical wave (no idea really what that is) so the weather has been kinda icky! Needless to say, no beach time and we've spent quite a bit of time inside. It does seem like Tropical Depression Ingrid is dissolving so that is good.

We did buy a scooter today. Its a vintage (I'll use that term loosely) 1982 Honda scooter. I'll get some pics posted tomorrow for you. So far Matt has been riding it around trying to get used to it before I hop on the back. We are hoping it will let us see a bit more of the island especially going to Sosua where we can snorkel on the reef in the bay.

Here is a picture I took of him on the 13th which was the last day he was able to kite. I was able to play with our 400mm zoom lens and it was pretty nice, although heavy. Hopefully he can kite again soon so I can get some more pics!!

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