Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Ladders!!!

I think most everyone knows that our hike through Switzerland in early August included some very challenging routes. Perhaps the most challenging (mentally that is) was the day that we left Cabane Des Dix perched high among the glaciers and hiked to the small town of Arolla.

The day started out by spending over an hour crossing the glacier (which from above looked to be just some small piles of rocks). It was very nerve racking as the rocks shifted in the glacial ice under our feet. We were cautious to stay on the marked path to be sure that we didn't run across any crevasses that could be dangerous. After crossing the glacier, we climbed up the rocky, steep Pas de Chevres and were met with the 70 foot section of iron ladders mounted into the vertical rock face. Needless to day, I (Angela) was about to hyperventilate at this point.

Here are a coouple of photos that Matt of me while I climbed up the laddders (and I do mean ladders plural as you had to cross from one ladder to another about 10 feet away from the top). That is me with the light blue fleece on.

Here is a link to the gallery where I've posted all the photos from the ladders. There are pictures of me and also of some friends that were climbing right in front of us.

Boy was I glad when that morning was over!!

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