Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Syntagma Square - Athens, Greece

Well, I'm finally getting into the swing of things and really figuring out my new organizing program (ACDSee) for scrapbooking and its working nicely. I'm finally able to scan the 100's of gig's of digital scrapbooking kits that I have and find the perfect one to use on a layout.

I've started on our trip this past summer since everything is still really fresh and I can remember it all (or at least most with the help of my journal).

This layout is another double page layout (they look so much better when printed in the books when the pages coordinate with each other).
Here is what it looks like when joined together:
Based on a 2 page sketch by Connie Petertonjes
Papers, alphabet and elements from Traci Sim's Firewater kit (
Font is Kartika
Photos by Angela & Matt Shetzer

Here is the first page in a bit more detail: And here is page 2 in a bit more detail.
Since its a bit small, here is what the journaling says on page 1:

We started out our first day in Athens with great pastries and coffee. Our first stop was to visit the changing of the guards at Syntagma Square in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It was quite confusing as police officers were yelling and blowing their whistles to move the crowd in multiple directions. They could not seem to make up their minds. We watched the parade and the replacing of the soldiers.

Here is more information from
In Greece, every male devotes two years to military service. The Evzones, those chosen for Ceremonial duty, represent the best of the best. To be chosen, they must stand over six feet tall and have the ability to remain motionless for extended periods of time. While on duty the soldiers stand with back straight, head held high for hours. Although they can call their superior for help by banging the butt of their rifle sharply on the ground, even that motion is barely noticeable. As the sound cracks across the Square, a superior officer appears to straighten a tassel or scratch a nose. The Evzones are so good that barely an eyelash flickers when a small child posing for a photo reaches up for the guard’s hand. Since the Ceremony is for the public, the Evzones dress in traditional Greek uniforms worn by mountain fighters in the War of Independence. This consists of a kilt, a shirt with flowing sleeves, a form fitting vest, wool leggings with tasselled garters and hobnail shoes with pompoms on the toes. A fez sporting a long tassel on one side tops off the outfit.
If you are interested in downloading any of these layouts, I've created a separate album on picasa where I will be uploading each finished page.

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