Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yeah... Internet Connection!!!

Well, we finally have internet connection in our apartment here so I'll be able to get the blog updated with photos from this summer and some scrapbook pages that I'll be able to get to.

Today, Matt and I attended a First Aid Training class here in Cabarete. Matt needed the class for his kite board instructors class while I just took it to have the basic skills for all of our adventures. Today was the first day that it wasn't really windy but since we were in class all day, Matt didn't miss a day of kiting. He has 5 more days of classes to attend so I'm hoping to get lots of pool time and scrapping!!

I wanted to share just a couple of photos from a couple days ago (Sep 2 to be exact).

This first one is Matt as he is coming in from kiting.

This one is Angela's view of the beach... Pretty nice if I do say so myself!!!!!

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