Monday, October 22, 2007

The rain has returned...

And the weather report for today... NO KITES, Rain about every hour and then some sun, then more rain... This is taken from our balcony (no way was I braving the torrential rains to go down to the beach...)
Today has been a bit interesting. Matt ran some errands this morning and went to the bakery and the store while I cleaned house. We swore that each time he went to the moto it started raining cats & dogs. He finally got the errands done as he was coming back from work. He didn't get to teach today so he had just a quick ride down to the shop to chat with his student. I managed to get this quick shot of him "commuting" to work today (yep, one of the few sunny times).

Frame by Val Gouvie

As we were watching rain and TV this afternoon, Matt kept asking me if I smelled anything. Well, the lights were blinking on and off (not an uncommon occurrence down here) but we noticed it was only our overhead lights and not the TV or computers. Well, he did smell something and it was coming from the fuse box. Sure enough, we had a breaker burn out. Well, the normal electrician is gone until Wednesday so we were given the option to wait until then to have our lights back on. Needless to say, not too thrilled. It did get fixed so we're not sitting here in the dark.

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