Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stormy Seas...

Well, the weather hasn't improved much at all. Probably worsened. We have a nasty low pressure system just to the south of us and our weather has been extremely windy and rainy. All day long, we have had thunderstorms rapidly moving through with heavy winds and rain.

The ocean is still really turbulent with huge waves. As I was watching Matt kite-board today, I could only see his whole body only about half the time. The other times, all I could see was a head bobbing with huge waves all around.

We went to a friends beach birthday party last night. The night was incredible as the winds were high with sporadic thunderstorms & lightening. Overall a fantastically stormy night which had us running for the cover of the porch several times. As we watched the storm, we were treated to a fantastic show of Bobo kite-boarding (at about 1:00 in the morning). He is an incredible kite-boarder and with the lightening in the background and the huge light illuminating the water, it was fantastic. We watched as his jumps carried him 40 to 50 feet through the air. Here is a link to a video put out by his sponsor, EH:

Here is a scrapbook page I did today to capture the feeling of the stormy weather... You can see the nasty dark clouds as they close in around Cabarete.

[Click to enlarge photo]

Credits for Stormy Seas:
Based on a sketch by Chris Greiser {}
Papers & embellishments by Majula's "Day of the Rain" freebie kit {}
Font: Bauhaus 93
Photos by Angela

Journal reads:
October 27, 2007
We woke to stormy skies again today. All day we have had squall after squall roll through. Matt went out to kite this afternoon and I got some great pictures of the turbulent water & approaching storm. As I was watching him, he would disappear between the waves as the swell was so big. I got some pictures of 18+ foot waves breaking on the reef.

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JF said...

Holla !

You dont Know me ,but I'm going to Viva wyndham Tangerine in 2 weeks at cabarete (sorry for the english I'm french).i'm going there to do Kite surfing and I like like your information on your blog. Can you put more photos of the storm and your boyfriend doing kite.