Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Las Terrenas

Well, after a small series of mishaps...  We made it safe and sound to Las Terrenas yesterday afternoon.

It all started out with the fact that our rental car was to be delivered at 9:00am to us at our apartment.  Well, after multiple calls and over an hour and a half of waiting, we decided to go shopping around for another rental car.  The first place we went tried to do a dirty deal and change the price after we went all the way into town to sign the papers.  We hopped on moto-conchos and headed back to another dealer who we were finally able to rent a car through.  So our departure was delayed by over 3 hours and we didn't make it out of Cabarete until noon. 

We had a very pleasant  three and a half hour drive to Las Terrenas.  We had heard of a new road and a really rough old road.  Well, we found the old road.  It was steep, twisty and did I mention that we could lose the little Honda CRV in some of the potholes!!!  We finally arrived in town in one piece (us & the car).  We made the whole trip with only 2 U-turns (good in our book!!) and found the little bungelows where were are staying pretty easily.  Well, thats not quite the end of the story....  After finding a quick place to have lunch, we headed back to unload the car where we had a bit of a mishap.  Matt put the key in the back to unlock the cargo area and when he twisted he thought  "That didn't feel right". Yep, sure enough he had one part of the key in his hand and the other in the car.  Ever try having a car key made in a third world country???  Its not easy!!  It took Kim & Jay over an hour to get a key made (remember that Kim speaks fluent spanish) and there were no Honda keys available so they had to make it out of a Toyota key.  They came back and were not too sure if it would work!!  It did!!!  Yeah, we can get our bags out of the car!!

We had a nice dinner last night of pizza, pasta & calzones and then an early night to bed as the electricity went out (and to think that this part of the island has had electricity for the past 8 years, and yes, I did say 8 years).  We do wonder though, how many actual hours of power they have had with all the power outages here.  Who knows!!

Today we spent the most of the day exploring the beaches and waiting for wind.  Yep, still waiting on that wind to show up!!  The coastline here is beautiful with very flat water and lots of palm trees.  Its much more tropical and lush in this part also.  We visited Playa Coson & Playa Bonita today.  We're heading to Samana tomorrow to do our whale watching (hopefully, keep your fingers crossed for us) since the wind forecast looks good for Friday and bad for tomorrow.

Hopefully, we'll have some great whale pictures to share tomorrow!!

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