Thursday, January 24, 2008

Soakin up the sun...

Well, we've been busy soaking up the sun before our return to the states on Sunday. It has definitely been an interesting couple of days...

We had good wind on Tuesday so Matt took advantage of it to kite. It was going well until he came close to the shore and crashed. Needless to say, seeing your hubby coming out of the water with blood pouring from his face is not something you want to see everyday. He took a nasty spill in the shore break and his board came up and whacked him just above his right eye. He was bleeding and already had a huge lump on his forehead as he exited the water. I landed his kite, wiped the blood off and helped him look for his sunglasses that he lost. We never found the glasses but did finally manage to persuade him to go back to the house so I could make sure we didn't need to head to the doctor because of a concussion. Overall, he is fine, just earned himself the nickname "Lumpy". Yeah, I know, not nice but thats what he gets for scaring me to death.

Well, we hoped yesterday would be a bit less dramatic and it was... barely!! He was no longer banned from kiting (like he was on Tuesday afternoon) but he was definitely grounded with having to stay close to the beach and checking in with me about every half an hour. He had quite a few good sessions and then on his last run of the day, he crashed and the waves took his board. He came body surfing in on a big wave and then next thing I know, he is doubled over in pain. I'm yelling at him to land the kite (which he proceeds to do with a nice kite line over my ear) and then I run back to him to figure out what is wrong now. He hurt his back surfing on the wave. After a few stretches he was fine, but nothing like scaring me to death two days in a row.

Lets hope todays sessions are a bit less dramatic!!!

We are hoping for lots of beach and kite time over the next three days before its time to clean everything off and pack it all up for the trip home. We've had lots of problems with our airline tickets and Matt spent hours on the phone yesterday trying to get it all resolved so we are hoping we make it home!!! They changed our flight times with no notice (thank goodness it leaves an hour later instead of earlier). Overall, we'll be glad to get back to our home we haven't really seen in 7 months, but we'll be sad to leave the beach and relaxed life here.

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