Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sunny skies have returned

Well, we haven't found the wind yet, but at least we found that bright yellow thing in the sky!! YEAH!!! We actually awoke to sunny skies and haven't had any rain all day.

I had a call with the company that I'm going to do some work for this morning and then we set off on foot down the beach to La Boca (the mouth of the river). It took us about 4.5 hours to make the walk to and from and to have lunch. Unfortunately lunch "looked" at me, so while Matt enjoyed the fish, I enjoyed some rice & beans. We had a great walk down the beach and enjoyed being outside. We collected some shells on the way back to add to our collection here.

We have been so amazed at the lack of shells that we have found here. All of the ones that we find here are pure white (we have no idea why) or are these little purple things. Matt did manage to find a conch shell near the reef today. It was in the water and he was a bit afraid to pick it up as he wasn't sure if it was still someone's "home" and might pick at him.

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