Saturday, March 22, 2008

Watch out bears... here we come!!!

As many of you know, we anxiously applied for Bear viewing permit in McNeil River State Game Sanctuary and Refuge last year. While we read horror stories of people waiting 10 years for a permit in the lottery system, we were so lucky to get one approved this year.

We are heading to Alaska for bear viewing and lots of photos in August. Our actual permit is for August 14 - 17 but we are planning on spending a couple extra days in Homer, Alaska. We are so excited about this chance to view the bears up close and personal. We'll have 4 days of primitive camping in the Alaskan wilderness so we're going through all our camping gear and trying to figure out how we pack all our clothing, camping equipment & food within the 75 pound limit of the float planes. Yeah... we'll be paying extra!!

We've purchased a new 7 person tent to be able to spread out a bit (instead of our normal little 2 person backpacking tent) and we're going through all the camera gear to make sure we have all that we need.

Here are a couple other sites to check out for more info...

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