Monday, March 8, 2010

And the planning continues....

We are in full swing of planning our trip now with only a week to two weeks for departure.  We have spent the last couple of days over at the trailer finishing up some items. 

We have definitely figured out that nothing is easy when it comes to these things. 

Here are a few things that we have finally gotten accomplished:
  • When we bought the trailer, it had a king sized bed installed in it.  We decided that we didn't need a king and wanted some of the space back so our plan was to remove the king bed and replace it with our queen.  Matt and Ted spent a day cutting down the plywood frame to accomodate the smaller mattress and we now have a king sized mattress in our basement.  After all the construction, Matt measured the opening from the wall to the dresser to discover that our normal queen sized bed would not fit, it was too long.  Well, the search then began for a queen short to fit.  We finally found one yesterday and proceeded to struggle the thing into the trailer, only to find out that he didn't quite cut enough off the end of it.  So one more thing to do before we leave is to fire up the generator and attack the bed frame again with a saw.
  • Matt finished installing the inverter so that we could run 110 volt appliance off of the 4 new batteries that we installed.  Took a couple of days to take apart all the compartments under the trailer to have it wired up right.
  • We found plastic tubs for the storage place under the bedroom.  It took the two of us in Wal-Mart armed with a tape measure and a map on graph paper to accomplish the task.  Needless to say, Sunday at Wal-Mart probably not our best idea.
  • The storage box up top and the racks are all installed.  The wind surfers and kite boarding equipment now have a home.  Now if we can just find homes for the mountain bikes.
Below are a couple of pictures from the inside and outside of the RV.

Here is a picture from the front of the trailer.  The first slideout you see is the bedroom and the second is the dining table and couch area in the living area.

This is taken from the back of the trailer.  We loved the large rear window.  You can see the kitchen slide out from this angle. 
This is a picture from the bedroom area viewing the back living area and the kitchen.  It took us quite a while to finally find a model that had a really good kitchen in it.  I guess Matt will be expecting me to cook a lot now!!!
This is a picture taken from the back of the RV and looking at the living/dining slide out.
This is of the bedroom in the front of the trailer.  This was taken with the king bed in it so we actually have a bit more room now.  Great closet across the entire front of the RV.
I'll update in the next couple of days with our preliminary itinerary.

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