Friday, April 9, 2010

There's an island out there!

Ok, lets just start off by reminding everyone that I was born and raised in a very land locked state so I am constantly learning more and more about the ocean and our coastlines.  Let me back up a bit to give you some updates from the last several days before I continue this thought...

I think I last posted on Sunday with the thought that both Matt and I would be working the first few days of this week.  We only ended up having to work long hours on Monday so we have had the rest of the week to relax and play a bit.

April 6 -  Tuesday, we had great wind so Matt got to kite.  We parked at our normal area on the North Flats and after Matt helped me setup the sun shelter, he was off to kite on the Laguna Madre (very flat water and no waves).  We met several people down at the beach and one of them had a kiting surf board for sale.  I had promised Matt that when we left Cabarette two years ago that on our next kiting vacation, he could have a surf board.  So needless to say, we are now the proud owners of a new surf board.  We also met our neighbors, Jim and Sandy, and planned for dinner on Wed night.  Below is Matt's guitar and office setup in the back of the trailer.

April 7 - Wednesday's wind was a little lighter so Matt was thrilled to be able to try out his new toy on the Laguna Madre side of the island.  He's trying to figure out how it all works before tackling the waves on the Gulf of Mexico side of the island.  We went with Jim and Sandy for dinner to Steamers here on the island.  Matt and I both had fantastic coconut fried shrimp.  They also took us on a tour of Port Isabel to a great Sports Bar, DoubleDay.  The fascinating thing about the bar is that all the memorabilia were from one man's private collection.  I can't believe there was so much.  Nothing like coming home and saying, "Hi Honey, I'm home from the races and I brought along two hoods of race cars...".  We also found a very good place to buy fresh shrimp so we can do a shrimp boil in the future.  We slept very little as a cold front came through about midnight and we weren't too sure if the trailer was going to stay put or not.  Its a bit hard to sleep when it feels like you are in a rocking chair (thank goodness, I'm not as motion sick as I used to be).  Below is my scrapping area at the dining table - I've done 4 pages so far since we've been down here.

April 8 - Thursday's weather started off unbelievably windy and after a night of little sleep, we decided to take it easy and run a couple of errands.  We were finally able to get caught up on a lot of stuff that we had put off since the house rented in March (like taxes, yuck).  We did do a quick walk down to the beach and it was so windy and the sea was so confused with waves crashing into each other, we decided to seek shelter in the RV.  Below is a picture I took from the public beach pavilion across from us (It was blowing too much to go out onto the beach).

April 9 - Friday:  So now back to the story at hand...  This morning, we are sitting at the dining table having breakfast and I look out the large window next to me and exclaim, "There's an island out there!".  Now remember, that we are on an island and I have been looking out the same window for the past week and viola, an island magically appears today...  Ok, well maybe not an island, but possibly a barge.  In my defense, it was not moving and it sits there even tonight.  Look at the picture below and let me know what you think....

Since the wind was light this morning and afternoon (by the way it is picking up as I type this, another sleepless night...), we decided to pay a visit to the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center (LINK HERE).  It was a great site with lots of boardwalk, birds and a couple of alligators.
This was a very cool looking crane that we saw.  Not sure exactly what type he was though.

The resident alligator.  I believe they said that they had 3.  He didn't move much.

Yes, the alligator and the crane were actually this close together.  They each seemed to ignore the other.

The view from the water looking back at the museum building.

Well, I think that brings us up to date.  More to come in a couple of days....

Take care,

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