Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 12, 2010 Bryce Canyon National Park

We woke to very chilly and windy conditions today.  As Matt left for his sunrise photo session at Inspiration Point, the temperature was around 30 degrees here at the RV.  The weather forecast was still calling for snow so we decided not to try to hike today, but to explore the road system of the park and all the scenic overlooks.

We drove from the North (main) entrance all the way up to the highest point in the park, Rainbow Point.  We stopped at all the scenic overlooks along the way and enjoyed the views of the beautiful canyons and multi-colored Hoodoo's.  The weather stayed partly cloudy with some snow flurries, but it was amazing how cold it was when you were outside exposed to the wind gusts.

This photo was taken from the Natural Bridge Overlook.

This photo is of the Pink Cliffs.

We then stopped into Fairyland Canyon on our way out of the main entrance.

After our drive, we decided to exit the park's main entrance and explore the Mossy Cave area.  It is located outside of the main area of the park but it was a great .4 mile walk up to a hanging cave (still with snow & ice) and a very cute little waterfall. 

After we finished exploring, we stopped by the Ruby's Inn General Store to pick up a few supplies.  We were pretty impressed with the selection and although the prices were a bit higher than normal, they were not to bad.  Since the weather was still yucky, we decided to stay inside for the afternoon and evening to relax.

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