Tuesday, May 4, 2010

South Padre Island Texas to Flagstaff Arizona

We left South Padre Island Sunday about 9:30 am and drove 12 hours to about 150 miles east of El Paso Texas. We spent the night in a very quiet rest area. Yesterday we drove out of the rest area about 7 am and drove another 12 hours to stay the night in Flagstaff Arizona where we stayed the night in a Camping World parking lot so the trailer could go into the shop first thing this morning. We were so excited to have a quiet place to sleep until we had just laid down and heard this horrible rumbling and shaking of a train. Sure enough it was another ear plug night as the train tracks were just across the road, ugh!

Today we will spend the morning exploring Flagstaff while the RV hopefully gets it's slides adjusted to stop the leaking. We still have about 250 miles to go until we get to Zion today so only about 4.5 hours of driving left, YEAH!!!

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