Friday, September 3, 2010

Anchorage, Alaska

I am so far behind on posts, but just a quick one to update you on our location...

We left Seward on Wednesday, the 1st, and drove the 2 1/2 hours back to Anchorage.  We are doing some restocking and some truck maintenance as this is the last large town that we will be in until we get back to the lower 48 sometime in October or November.  We will be here until Monday, Labor Day, and then we will actually be starting our trip south.  We are kinda sad as we will start working our way out of Alaska by first stopping in Valdez and then continuing on for a long stay in Haines.  We are still unsure of exactly what our exit plan will be (other than hoping for good weather and not too much snow).

Preliminarily, we are planning on staying in Haines until the weather runs us out (too cold and snowy).  We will then make the very long drive down through Canada in as quick a time as the weather permits.  We hope to stop in Denver for a visit on our way down south.  Overall, we plan on getting the RV back to South Texas in time for our January reservations at South Padre Island.  We are also planning on a Christmas trip to see my family and a visit to Chicago in January with Matt's family.  Still nothing too firm, but at least we have some idea of where we are headed (other than South).

I'll post our final Seward photos and an update on our activities there in a couple of days.

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