Monday, November 15, 2010

Change of Plans... Again...

Well, its finally getting colder here but we've only had a couple traces of snow that melted quickly.  Our goal has been to be able to photograph the eagles and the lynx in snow, but so far, the weather has been uncooperative. So we changed our ferry to Washington to Nov 29 today.  

We will be here for another 2 weeks then we will be on the ferry for 5 days.  We will land in Bellingham, Washinton, (North of the Olympic penninsula)and then drive for 3 - 4 days (depending on weather) to reach Denver where we will stay for a couple of weeks visiting friends and checking on our houses.  We will then drive to Missouri to spend the Christmas holidays with my family and then on to Houston to spend New Years holidays with Matt's family.  Then on to South Padre Island (Texas) to wait out the winter with some warmer weather (YEAH!!!).

Its amazing here as we continue to watch the eagles come in.  As the weather turns colder and the river begins to freeze, the eagles will converge on a smaller area and will be fishing in the part of the river that does not freeze.  The picture below is pretty typical of what Matt sees each day as he photographs the eagle.


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