Monday, November 1, 2010

Haines, Alaska

Well, its official, I paid for the ferry trip out of here on the 15th of November today (GULP!!!).  We will board the ferry on the afternoon of the 15th and arrive in Bellingham, Washington (near the Olympic pennisula, north of Seattle) on the morning of the 19th.  We are a bit nervous of how we get the trailer on the ferry as the Skagway ferry required the RV to be backed onto it (YIKES).  We are enjoying our time here, but definitely ready for some better (and warmer) weather. 

We have a couple of weeks to explore somewhere in Washington and Idaho (please let me know if you have any recommendations) before we head into Denver for a couple of weeks stay to visit friends and check on our homes.  We are then off to visit family for the holidays with stops in Missouri for Christmas and Houston for New Years.  We will then take a side trip to Chicago with Matt's family before heading south to South Padre Island, Texas, to hopefully soak up some warmer weather and sun!!!

Its been rainy and windy here today so we've been enjoying the comforts of the RV.  Below is a picture that Matt took of this beautiful place when the weather was clearer (a couple weeks ago).  If you look closely, you can actually see the RV on the waterfront.  The snow line is actually much lower now as this latest storm lowered the snow level to 500 feet.  We are thinking we won't be snow free here on the water front much longer.

This is such a nice friendly town, we will definitely miss it (but it will be nice to actually be able to buy something you need in a store instead of mail ordering it).  I will share some more eagle shots tomorrow with you. 

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