Monday, December 6, 2010

Ahhh... Sunny Colorado

We left Wyoming about 7:20 this morning and arrived into our campground in Arvada about 12:15 this afternoon.  The drive started out with more of our favorite freezing fog and slick roads but after an hour and a half, it cleared up and we actually saw dry pavement and that big bright thing in the sky.  We had a pretty short day with less than 300 miles to finish off the drive. 

We arrived to sunny weather and temps in the 40's in Denver and thought we had crossed the equator and should put shorts on!!!  In all seriousness, it is really good to see the sun and have a bit of warmer weather. 

Also, for those of you who have been replying to the email that you receive on the blog postings, I just discovered that I have only been receiving those for about the last week (I had no idea anyone was repsonding that way).  So if you thought we were ignoring you, I am so sorry!!!  I think I have it all fixed now so that you can just reply in a normal email and we will receive your comments.  If anyone is interested in getting the emails instead of having to check the blog, just email me and I'll get you started.

Here is a photo of our overnight camping spot last night among the big rigs in a travel stop.  We actually look small here but notice all the frozen stuff all around...  The trailer has been complaining that she misses her daily shower and is now really dirty.

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