Thursday, January 20, 2011

Beach Life...

We made it to South Padre Island (SPI) yesterday afternoon after a 7 hour drive from Houston.  We arrived to sunny skies and temperatures in the 60's.  We were given an option of two spots and actually ended up choosing a spot that was 3 down from our original reserved spot.  Its great with a view out the back window of the beach and ocean.  We watched a beautiful full moon rise over the ocean last night.

Today started out cloudy and warm with highs around 67 so it was shorts and sandals!!!  Although about 3 this afternoon, we finished our errands in time for a nice cold front to come blowing in.  The winds have been averaging over 30 mph with gust over 40 mpg so we are rocking and rolling!!!  I have now chased shoes and of course Pinkie over our campsite and our neighbors.  Everything is safely inside now.

Included in our errands today was a search for a new wetsuit for Matt.  We had quite the comedy last night as Matt tried on his wetsuit from 15 years ago.  He got it on, but....  Needless to say, Matt is not an extra small anymore and after being stuck in the wetsuit for some time, we did manage to finally get him out without having to cut him out.  It was touch and go for awhile as he lay giggling and exhausted across the bed and I was giggling and exhausted after pulling on the head, arms and legs.

Tomorrow is forecasted to be cool and windy so we'll have another quiet day and hope to get Matt out kiting over the weekend.

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