Friday, January 28, 2011

Port Isabel - Texas

Wow, can't believe we have already been on the beach for 10 days.  Time flies when its warm!!!!  We've spent the last week continuing to settle into beach life and getting reacquainted with the island and surrounding areas. 

Lets see, what have we been up to:
  • We fought off the old people (who don't know what a line is) at the Farmer's Market last Sunday to get the last container of new potatoes (Yummy!!!).  We also got our favorite huge bag of grapefruits for only $5.
  • We've weathered several days in the low to mid 50's that were just down right chilly (yep, we basically camped indoors).
  • Matt did get his first (and so far only) day of kiting in last Tuesday.  It was quite chilly and I sat on the beach in pants, long sleeve t-shirt, and a fleece, but it was bearable.
  • Since Wednesday, it has been getting progressively warmer and sunnier.  It was in the mid 60's today and sunny so it was wonderful to be outside.  We did manage to hang out on the beach for some time yesterday and I of course am now sporting my first (and surely not last) sunburn of the season.
Today we decided to drive over the causeway to visit the small town of Port Isabel.  It is a very cute little town all centered around the causeway leading over to South Padre Island (SPI).  This shows the bridge leading over to SPI and the tall buildings in the background are SPI.

 We toured the historic lighthouse and climbed the stairs up to the top for a panoramic view of the town, bridge and SPI. 

We then walked around the waterfront piers and found many very large pelicans hanging out around the fish cleaning station.  There was quite the battle when fish parts were thrown out.  I can't believe how large these birds are. 

After a good lunch at the Pirate's landing, we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a juicer so we can make juice out of the $5 bag of grapefruits from the Farmer's Market.

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