Friday, February 18, 2011

Merry Christmas to Us!!!

We are loving being Winter Texans this week.  It has been sunny with high temperatures in the 70's and lows in the 60's, just beautiful and windy enough for Matt to kite quite a bit.

I realized that I had not posted a photo of our campsite yet, so I grabbed one this afternoon.  Its nothing special but is roomy enough for us to spread out and for Pinkie to enjoy the sun.  We do actually have a ocean view from our large back window even though we are one row away from being beach side.  We do have to use our big tarp on the ground here because the grass is filled with these horrible little mean sand burrs.  Needless to say our first few days were filled with several "choice" words as we picked them out of our tender little feet.  No going barefoot around here.  Notice how clean and shiny the RV is, we had her washed and waxed last week and they did a wonderful job of removing my bees and also of removing the Alaskan and Canadian road grime accumulated over the past year.

Isn't she pretty & shiny???

We've spent most of the week on the beach and I caught Matt enjoying a Coke and good book.  I have finally finished reading all 7 of the Harry Potter books and I loved them.  Thank you Mom and Dad for the wonderful Christmas presents!!   

Beach Babe!!!

We have been asked quite a few times if there is anything major that we forgot to bring with us on our journey and for the most part, there has been nothing critical.  However, we did miss our expresso and latte maker terribly.  So, on our recent trip to Corpus Christi, we decided that a visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond was in order so that we could get a small expresso machine for the trailer.  We have really enjoyed our lattes (and am actually enjoying one as I post this).

Yum!!!!  But I just finished drinking this one!!!

We always struggle with what to buy each other for Christmas so this year we decided to wait and see what came up that we wanted after Christmas.  After being in Haines for so long, we were so far out of touch with stores and shopping that we really had no idea what we wanted.  Well, we both got to say Merry Christmas these past two weeks.  Matt decided that a new kiteboard was needed and I decided that I wanted a large format scanner so that I could scan my scrapbook pages into my computer.  Merry Christmas to us, Merry Christmas to us...  For our family that gave us money for Christmas and contributed to our "Christmas Fund", THANK YOU and see below for our gifts...

He says it goes "upwind" much better than his old one.

Busy at work scanning away
 I have spent the last 2 days playing with my present and have all my images scanned in for 2010 and some of 2007 that I had with me.  I will send the heavy original paper copies home in a large box with Ted when he comes to visit us next month for safekeeping.  I also started a new website for all my scrapbook pages.  As I get it updated, I'll post the link here so you can check out my pages.

I think that is about all that is going on with beach life so I'll catch you up in about another week. 

Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having entirely to much fun!! LOL We are now getting 8 - 14 inches of snow in the next 24 hours!! So Pinkie is better off in Texas LOL Can't remember having a Tan !!
Cheryl & Bill