Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Orleans - French Quarter

Wow, I can't even tell you how many miles we walked today.  We started out the day a little before 7 to get the truck in to be looked at.  Good news is that the dealership could not find anything wrong with it and it's not doing the shakie thing today.  Our guesses are that the 4 wheel drive got stuck on an axle or tire but came out as the technician was looking at it.

We toured around the French Quarter today.  We walked from our RV park into the French Quarter.  Our first stop was Cafe Du Monde for its coffee and beignets.  Just a word of caution, Beignets should not be eaten when it is windy outside.  The pound of powdered sugar on top seems to find a very nice little home in your lap - travel tip, don't wear dark colored clothing.  For those who do not know what a beignet is, it is a small square fried donut that is covered in powdered sugar (at least an inch of it).  The beignet was good, but the coffee was even better, a very nice European latte.
St. Louis Cathedral on Chartes St in the French Quarter.  This photo was taken from the levee overlooking the Mississippi river.

Matt enjoying his Cafe Du Monde coffee on a bench overlooking the Mississippi River while the St. Louis Cathedral peaks out from behind.
We then visited the 1850 house which was a very beautiful town home furnished in the luxurious 1850's style.  It was very neat to see how homes were built in New Orleans.  Picture long and narrow rooms that open into each other with no windows on each side and very large windows and french doors opening on either end with high ceilings to help the breezes cool them.  For more information on the home, visit the website at http://lsm.crt.state.la.us/1850ex.htm. 
The front parlor of the home - Not too bad for middle class.

The children's room  - How about that baby bed!!!  Beautiful!!!

I think I like my kitchen in the RV better than this one...
Our next stop was a stroll through the French Market along the Mississippi River.  The French Market area was the main source of trading for all of New Orleans and began in 1791.  Early residents could find all manners of food, spices, & wares from all over the world there as ships made their way into the Mississippi River.

Hermann-Grima House was the next historic home that we would tour.  Located just a half block from Bourbon Street, it was amazing how quiet its courtyards were.  This large two story home was built in 1831 and was set on 4 city lots.  It was very unique as it was very wide (2 city lots wide) and actually had windows on the sides instead of just having windows on the front and rear.  Beautiful crown moldings around the 14 foot ceilings and a wonderful courtyard.  Perhaps the most interesting of all was the kitchen located in the outbuildings behind the main home.  It is amazing how primitive the cooking was with a large portion of the cooking done in a very large open fireplace.  The home was unique as it did have an oven which was very uncommon at the time.  For some wonderful interior shots, visit their website http://www.hgghh.org/tour_grima.htm.

We then walked from the French Quarter over into the Warehouse District.  We walked along the St Charles street car line.  

Back to the RV for some much needed rest for our feet!!!

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