Monday, May 23, 2011

Our thoughts are in Missouri...

As many of you know, I am from Joplin, MO and my family has been affected by the deadly, devastating tornado yesterday.  Thank goodness all family members are accounted for and safe, but several homes including my brothers and grand parents were very heavily damaged or destroyed.  For those of you who know TJ, his home was heavily damaged.

Here is a photo of what remains of my grand parents home on the eastern side of Joplin.
Photo from April

Here is a photo of the devastation of the high school where I attended for 1 year before moving to Neosho.
Photo from April

I don't have any photos of my brothers home, but they were 1/2 block away from the areas that are completely gone.  He is almost directly east of the hospital below.  Here is a photo of the hospital that was one of the first areas hit as the tornado cut a path from the western side of town to the eastern side of town right through the central heart of town (over a mile wide).  This is one of two hospitals in town (the other hospital is less than a mile from this one).

Photo from Denver Post - Notice NO windows in the hospital - Reports are that only 6 people perished in the hospital.

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