Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Just a quick update as we have WIFI here in our campground in Gros Morne National Park.  It's been a wet and chilly week, but hey, whats new about that.  We would actually trade for some of that really warm weather down in the states. 

We are here tonight and then we'll leave the trailer here for a couple of days and drive up to the very northern tip of Newfoundland to Iceberg Alley.  At one point there was a 62 sq km iceberg floating in the north Atlantic ocean just off land.  It has since broken up, but there are lots of icebergs floating past the coast.  We will take a boat ride to see some on Tuesday.

Here is a map of where the icebergs currently are, we will be staying in the town of Saint Anthony for a couple days.  Pretty cool website of Iceberg Finder.

I wanted to post a couple of photos from our time photographing the Puffins on the Bonavista peninsula over the past 2 weeks.

Here Matt enjoys the scenic views of "Bird Island" in Elliston where we spent the majority of our time photographing the Atlantic Puffin.  If you look on the island (where the camera is facing), you can see lots of white dots that are puffins.

Me in Elliston getting ready to get setup to photograph the Puffins.  In the evening we found that the puffins would actually come over to the mainland and get to within about 10 feet of us.  Pretty tame.

My Puffin Chair!!!!

We spent a day at a place called Spillars Cove and waited for the puffins to come ashore.  They never did, but we had great views of the Atlantic Ocean and lots of whales.

This was actually on our trip to Gull Island that I mentioned in my last post.  This was high up on the cliff from which my camera bag took a tumble.

Me and our guide, Paul, on Gull Island.  Pretty fantastic place, but very mucky - Every piece of clothing that we had on had to be washed due to Puffin pooh.

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