Sunday, November 27, 2011

France - Sept 22 - Saint Malo & Tours

We spent in a the very small town of Pontorson and set out on the morning of the 22nd to explore a bit more of coastal France.  We started our drive northwest towards the port town of Saint-Malo along very small country coastal roads.  The small villages that we drove through were amazing.  The town of Saint-Malo is a beautiful walled port city located on the Brittany coast.   

A map of old Saint-Malo

The old walled portion of Saint-Malo

The Saint-Malo Cathedral

Beautiful stained glass of the Saint-Malo cathedral

The view from the walls out over the English channel.

This beautiful boat was anchored in the harbor.
 After spending the morning in Saint-Malo, we drove into the Loire Valley region and stopped in Tours for several nights.  We arrived later in the afternoon, but just in time to catch a great sunset on the cathedral of Tours.  We found a great restaurant and spend the evening enjoying great food and great company. 

The Cathedral of St-Gatien in Tours.  It was started in 1170 and construction continued into the 15th century.

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