Thursday, June 28, 2007

And finally caught up - June 27 - Naxos Island

We set out in the morning to explore the ruins of the Temple of Apollo or the Portara (meaning huge door) as it is called here. The door is all that remains of the Temple of Apollo that was built around the 6th century BC. We are planning to head over there tonight for some sunset shots. Here Kim and I relax on a small bench on the walk over to the island.

Next, Matt and I went for a walk around the castle district of Hora. We climbed narrow little walkways that were actually roads in the time it was built. Armed with cameras we set off to capture the magic of this little town.

We toured a venetian mansion that had been inhabited by the original family up until 5 years ago. It contained some great examples of furnishing but perhaps the most interesting was the catapult balls that were used in ancient times. Naxos is famous for its marble and the balls were round chunks of white marble. It is so common here that many sidewalks and even the floors of our hotel room are paved with smooth, cool white marble.

The Trani Gate leading into the castle area. The wooden door still protecting the entrance is over 600 years old (not pictured here but would be in the passageway on the left).

Sample of the architecture in the castle area.
After exploring during the heat of the day, we set off for Agios Georgias beach for some swimming and relaxing.

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