Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 26 - Hora, Naxos Island

We are now in Naxos island in the capital Hora (or Chora if you wish to spell it that way). It is a very charming town linked to mainland Greece and the other islands by Ferry and an airport.

We arrived via this ferry late on Tuesday night.

We watched a wonderful sunset from the boat out over the flat ocean. No there are no waves whatsoever out there. Great for Angela though!!

We were met by George, the owner of our hotel at the port and he drove us the short distance to our hotel. It is a very cute little hotel in typical whitewashed Greek style. The showers are also typical european style in that you can't stand in the little corner shower without the faucets in your back and the shower curtain wrapped all around you as you struggle with the hand held nozzel not to flood the bathroom. All in all, a great hotel and fantastic location.

Matt and I ventured out to take photos of the city at night. Notice the old city walls at the top of the photo.

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