Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 21 & 22 -- Chania & Iraklion Crete

We stayed for two days just outside of the old harbour area of Chania on the northwest side of Crete. On our last day in Chania, we toured around the old harbor area with its shops and narrow twisting cobbled streets.

We drove along the northern cost of Crete to the capital of the island, Iraklion or Heraclion depending on which spelling you prefer. Have I mentioned that almost every town has at least two different spellings of its name and can be quite confusing.

Matt and I visited Knossos Palace belong to the Minoan King. The ruins were fantastic upon a hillside just 5 km outside of city center.

We also toured around the Venetian fortress built at the entrance to the harbor in Iraklion. Both of these pictures were taken from the roof of the fortress overlooking the sea and another island off in the distance.

We have constantly been amazed at the mountainous nature of the greek islands.

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