Thursday, June 28, 2007

And I'm finally almost caught up.... June 24 - Day Trip to Aegina Island

Given the heat of the city (Athens), we decided to take a day trip out to the island of Aegina. We boarded our first ferry of the trip about 9 in the morning and headed out. We toured a fantastic temple to Athena and then we had a great beach day.

These pictures are from the deck of the ferry as we were heading back to Athens at about 6pm in the afternoon.

Being from a very land locked country with little ferry activity, we were amazed at the things that were put onto the ferry. I just had to capture a full semi coming off of a ferry next to us. We saw several semi's and even a tour bus or two. I guess everything has to travel to the islands in some way!!

This was the ferry that we returned to Athens on. We had read that ferry travel was very irregular and prone to delays and problems in our travel books, however, it was much easier and nicer than traveling by airplane. So far, the weather has provided for flat (and I do mean flat) seas of which Angela is certainly greatfull for.

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