Thursday, October 4, 2007

The first... and the last... ride...

We awoke to yucky gray skies and rain and it hasn't gotten better all day. No wind or beach time today. I think Matt is officially stir crazy after 3 days of not sailing!!! Its raining again!!!

I wanted to congratulate Matt on winning 2nd place in the first photo contest that he entered. Here is a link to the site and his award winning picture. This photo was taken in October of 2006 when Ted and Beth visited us. It was taken in the Colorado National Monument near Fruita, Colorado. The weather had been very rainy and yucky but it cleared and he captured this fantastic photo.

I did take the promised photos of the "moto" as we took our first... and last... ride together down to Encuentro beach (the surf beach). It was affectionately nicknamed the P.O.S. 2000 model by a friend (I'll let you figure out what the initials stand for).

Lets just say that the moto has been an adventure from Day 1. Today we figured out that it is really only a one person moto. Not only is the back seat terribly uncomfortable and hard to hold onto, but the engine overheats with two of us on it. We had to stop once on the way down to Encuentro because of the engine overheating. Then as soon as we got to the turn off for the beach it overheated again. I took a "moto-concho" back to town and Matt rode our moto back by himself.

You might notice that Matt is looking at the front tire in the middle picture... YEP, it was flat... back to the mechanics again today!

Frame by Fernlili

Photos by Angela

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