Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Joey again...

Well, the weather kinda sucks here right now. No wind... And with no wind it is hot and humid... We're stuck in the middle of a couple of low pressures and that tropical wave thing again (gonna have to look that up). Needless to say, no teaching, no beach time and no new pictures, not even a levee today!

We kept busy with some errands and a trip down to Kite Club at kite beach for their wonderful lunch. Matt dealt with the moto today (I promise to take pictures tomorrow). We had it made just like new (he he he) and it cost 550 (dominican pesos that is). That is about $17 (US) to have the oil changed, new spark plug, chain lubed, front wheel rebuilt, new foot pegs for Angela, brake adjusted and general inspection. Some things are pretty cheap down here.

Ted has been wonderful of sending me some adorable pictures of Joey so I finished this page for him tonight.

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