Friday, October 19, 2007

The heat is on...

Well, today was busy for one of us and very frustrating for both of us!!

Matt left the apartment at about 1 to go kite for a couple of hours before he had to teach his young student. He finished in time to get to lesson to find that his student has left... Another student found her in a nearby pool and got her back over to the school for her lesson. Teaching is a bit tougher when you have to go "find" your students for a lesson and drag them out of a pool into an ocean.

Meanwhile, Angela is sitting in the apartment for "un momento" (one moment) for the air conditioning repair guy(s) to reappear. Well, after being promised that he would appear at 12, he finally showed up at 12:30 and disappeared for "un momento". Well, at 2:10, I was highly irritated and called our landlord. The call didn't go through (not sure if skype hung up on me or if she did) and another repair guy showed up about 10 minutes later. After another "un momento" it was finally about 2:45 before the first one showed up again to turn the air conditioner back on and to promise to return "un momento". Well, its 10:30 at night and apparently "un momento" has not come yet. Long story short, its bearable in here but with the air conditioner set on 16 degrees Celsius (60 degrees farenheit) so I don't think its completely fixed yet. More yelling to do tomorrow!!

We did salvage the day by having a great two for one dinner at LAX with a couple of drinks. It is so beautiful and relaxing to eat on the beach under the stars and lights.

I came back to great news. I've been accepted to Donna's creative team. Here is a link to her blog. She has some wonderful designs so look for some great new scrapbook within the next couple of days!!! I can't wait!!!

Sorry, no pictures today as the camera didn't leave the apartment!!!

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Hummie said...

Oh, how funny. We had our air fixed yesterday too! We were sweating one night, called the next day when the temps dropped to 45, and we were like, yeah, he's coming to fix our air conditioner problem when we are sitting here freezing.