Thursday, October 18, 2007

Life is good...

The weather report for today... clear with a few scattered high clouds, winds averaging around 15 knots, & kites...

We had our "clase de espanol" this morning and it went well. We headed out to the beach in the afternoon after waiting for the air conditioner repair man. He needed a part so we agreed to meet him back at the apartment at 5:00. Well, we cut our beach time short and went back to the apartment to wait for the guy. After an hour and 45 minutes we called the landlord and she had no clue (as usual) and promised to let us know when to expect him. As of now, still no call and of course, no air conditioning. Its tough to be nice when you're hot & sticky so I wouldn't want to be her tomorrow.

I shared my spot on the beach with this little guy:

I finally got a picture of the entire kite. This is Jay launching Kim's 7 meter kite. As you can see, it is huge. Jay is probably around 6 foot tall and you can see that he doesn't even reach to the mid-point of the kite. Keep in mind, this is about half the size of Matt's big kite.

I think this picture about says it all... Life is Good!!!

Credits: All frames from scrapbook-bytes's July 2004 element team "Tropical" kit & all photos by Angela

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