Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm flying!!!!

OK, well, maybe not me, but the kite is anyway!!! We had a really light wind today ahead of the storms so we took advantage of it to let me fly the 9 meter inflatable kite on the beach. I crashed it twice (not too hard) and landed it once gently. I relaunched it with Matt's help twice and decided I was done with the third crash. Here are a couple of photos that Matt took (I have no idea who created the frames).

We had a very pretty morning, but as we were finishing with my kite lesson the dark clouds rolled in. We quickly packed everything up to keep the kites dry (and less sandy) and hurried back home. Here is a quick picture I took of the approaching storm over the ocean.
We went for a walk down to kite beach and then into town for pizza dinner at LAX.

On a different note, I got my first accepted bid at for part time work. Its a neat site that lets you bid various projects that are available. This is one that I had bid almost a week ago and I go the acceptance tonight. Tomorrow its off to work for me!! Its a quick project and cheap so it will be fun to have some work!! Matt is teaching tomorrow. Its the first time he will have two students.

I have to share this picture that my sister sent me today of a tornado near to their home in Missouri about a week ago. They have been plagued the past couple of years with really nasty storms. The morning of these storms, we were watching CNN here in Dominican and they were predicting tornadoes for the area that my family lives in. The morning after the storms, I did a quick internet search for tornadoes in their county because I heard on CNN that there had been some nasty storms. The internet search turned up a tornado very near their old home so I was frantically trying to call her and was very relieved when she told me that the storm had passed about a mile south of them (still too close for comfort).

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Aimeemomof2 said...

What great pics, I love the kite ones...Scary about the tornado, though...yikes