Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I lived!!!!!

Well, I lived!!!! Matt took me on the drag today. A drag consists of flying the big inflatible kite with a harness (i.e. you and the kite are attached to each other). Matt "drove" the kite while I held on to his harness. The waves were quite large and I decided that I needed to be a bit more comfortable in the waves before I flew the kite myself (remember how big they are, not to mention how powerful).

A friend, Kim, took the first picture of us as we were getting ready to go into the water for the drag. You can see the harnesses on both of us with large metal hooks on the front that attach to the kite. We took the big 14 meter North kite out with a light wind and it pulled us both through the water pretty easily.

Matt took the other couple of photos while I was flying the trainer kite for some more kite practice. Its amazing how small it is (Its a 1 meter kite) compared with the inflatible kites (remember that Matt's is a 14 meter).

I don't know who created these frames as I can't find the author anywhere. If anyone knows, leave me a comment.

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Mousey said...

That is seriously cool - and seriously scary! LOL
Great LO :o)