Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Matt's Photo contests

As many of you know, Matt has been participating in photo contests over at Worth1000. I wanted to bring you up to date on all of his wonderful photos. He has done quite well there and I wanted to share the contests and the results with you.

This was his first submission for the "Weather" contest that won 2nd place out of 64 entries. This was taken in October of 2006 while Ted & Beth were visiting us in Colorado. We were in Colorado National Monument (near Fruita, Colorado) just as it was finishing raining and we were treated to this beautiful double rainbow. Not bad for his first entry, huh?

Well, the next contest didn't go quite as well. It helps to totally read the directions before submitting. The contest was to capture a flag, but not to take a picture of an actual flag. Well, to read it entirely, you had to make the flag as the picture could not be of anything manufactured. So this photo of a Dominican kid on a kiteboard that resembles the Dominican Republic flag was disqualified. Still a pretty good pic though!!!

The next contest was to capture "Orange" with a photo. This photo of the Temple of Apollo on Naxos Island, Greece came in 8th of 86 entries. This photo was taken in June of this year.

The next contest was to capture a "Dramatic Cat". While we were waiting out the snow in Grimentz, Switzerland during the Haute Route hike last year, Matt snapped this cutie. He came in 24th of 56 entries.

He had three entries in the next contest to show the "Rule of thirds". This contest is still open for voting so the results are not in yet but after each photo, I'll tell you where he is as of this blog post.

#1 Submission
This is taken from our hotel in Cairo, Eqypt of the Nile river at the end of August. It is currently 23 of 81 entries.

#2 Submission
This photo is of Auschwitz concentration camp near Krakow Poland. We visited there last year while touring eastern Europe. It is currently #3 of 81 entires.

#3 Submission
This photo is of Hampton Court (former home of Henry VIII of England) taken during our July visit to London. It is currently 30 of 81 entries.

The next contest that he entered is for Black & White patterns. He has 3 entries for this contest as well. The contest hasn't closed yet, but I'll keep you informed of his status.

Submission #1 - Tigger
This pattern is from a tiger that he photographed during our April visit to the wild life sanctuary near our home in Denver.

Submission #2 - Greek Amphitheater
This photo was taken of the Ancient Delphi site in Greece last summer. It was a fantastic amphitheater that is still in use today.

Submission #3 - Suckers Everywhere
This is a closeup of octupus tentacles taken last summer in the Greek Island of Naxos.

This is his last photo submission for a contest to age a photo. I think he did a fantastic job of aging this photo (see original photo below). This was taken during our Haute Route hike last year. This was a really rainy day as we hiked from Trient to Champex, Switzerland.

Here is the original photo:

Thats all for now, I'll keep you updated on how each contest comes out and any new contests.

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