Monday, November 5, 2007

Beach Bums!!!

Today was a pretty quiet day. We worked in the morning and then headed down to the beach about 2 in the afternoon. We hung out on the beach and waited for the wind to get stronger but it never did. We took advantage of the light air and had me flying the trainer kite again to get more experience flying the kite. I plunked my butt down in the sand and flew for a bit.

I only crashed once and didn't put the kite down until the Dominican kid flew his kite into mine (well maybe I flew mine over a bit to get him to move and he didn't so both crashed to the ground). That is a big problem here as the locals either have no clue what they are doing or don't care (or more likely, both!!!). Its always interesting to see what stupid (and unsafe) moves they will make with kiting. I was trying to make a point today as I flew my kite in my "wind window" and the Dominican guy kept moving closer and closer to me and invading my window. Well, obviously it didn't work but at least his kite was the one broken and not mine, however, I don't think it was his kite and he was just borrowing so I doubt he learned anything.

Here are a couple pics from today...

{Click to enlarge}
Frame by Princess LaLa
Photos by Matt & Angela

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