Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Girls rule!!

Just wanted to share the latest page I did of the little one today. This picture is actually from May of 2007 (not 2006 like I said in yesterday's posting, silly me). We had just arrived at the house after meeting Sis in KC to finish the drive down together so the little one was so excited to see her mommy (and maybe us). Mommy brought that adorable red pillow to her and she was bouncing all over the bed and posing for me to take photos! Too Cute!!!

I used Amy's wonderful template and Donna's Circus kit to create the page. I love how the shapes and colors really accent her and her red pillow. I changed the photo quite a bit because she was bouncing on her bed so the background was a bit distracting. I simply masked her to make her show though and applied a effect to the back part of the photo so it came out black.

Credits for Girls Rule:
Template by Amy Watson's Jumpstarts #7 collection {} {}
Day at the Circus kit by Chiggerlane Designs {}
Font: Elephant
Photo by Angela

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Hummie said...

That photo really pops on that page....really like this layout.