Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lets get caught up...

Wow, we've had a busy couple of days... Lets see if I can get caught up here...

Its been really slow in terms of wind for the past two weeks. In fact, since I bought my kite, I've flown it only one day (although I could have flown it today). Matt has kited 4 days out of the past 16 because we just haven't had wind.

Here is what we've been up to with no wind (Trying not to go stir crazy)

Sunday - November 11
We tried to go snorkeling in Sosua with Kim but the bay was stirred up with waves and the water was so cloudy we could not see the bottom. Matt would dive down about 10 feet and we could not see him. We swam out a bit and then swam back and hung out on the beach for a bit. Basically, we escaped from the house.

Monday – November 12

We went wakeboarding (for those who don’t know what this is, imagine strapping a VERY VERY large waterski (i.e. like a snowboard) on your feet and being pulled by a ski boat while trying not to crash and drink lots of water). Since I have NO experience whatsoever with boarding (snowboarding, water skiing, etc), we thought it was a good idea to get me some experience in dealing with a board in water before I tried to do it with the kite. We took my kite-board with us to go wakeboarding at LaBoca (one of the rivers here). I did pretty well and actually got fully upright on my third pull. I managed to have two good rides with my last one being quite good. It was a blast and of course Matt had to take pictures of all the crashes (payback is HELL). I see a BEST OF ANGELA’s CRASHES scrapbook page coming up (and boy are there some good ones as I drank a lot of dirty river water). It was a fun morning!!

In the evening we met our American friends and our European friends for “Burger Night – Dominican Style”. We Americans were craving burgers!!! Our European friends didn’t know quite what to expect so they offered their place for the BBQ and we supplied the burgers. Well, we can’t quite say that it was a truly American feast as our menu was quite varied… We had Burgers with all the trimmings, potato salad, Sangria (thank you Kim), & Tiramisu (did I mention that Stefano who made it is Italian, oh my goodness was it GREAT). I’ll take Burger night with a European flair ANYTIME!!! Click HERE for some photos from that night.

Tuesday – November 13

We both woke up a bit stiff and sore from wakeboarding so we took it easy. Matt did manage to go kiteboarding for a bit while I got caught up on some computer stuff.


We were both still a bit stiff and sore, but better than yesterday… We were supposed to go wakeboarding again but I wasn’t quite feeling up to it this morning. Matt kiteboarded for quite a while this afternoon as I rested up at the apartment.

Well, we are off to New York tomorrow morning. We are leaving from Santiago (a town in the mountains about 90 minutes from us here) so it should be interesting as we’ve never been there before. We had a friend arrange our taxi driver for us so we are hoping all goes smoothly. We will be met in New York by Matt’s sister, Annie and we will be staying with them through the Thanksgiving holiday and Ted & Beth will be joining us there on Tuesday. We planned this trip, booked the tickets and then realized that we had only bathing suits and shorts with us (Not exactly what you need to wear in New York at this time of the year). So we ordered some wonderful flannel lined jeans (Thank goodness for LLBean) and some shirts and had them shipped to Annie’s. Now I just have to buy shoes when we are there (sandals are not quite going to work).

Hopefully, we’ll have some good New York pictures to share soon!!

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