Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lazy days....

Well its been a couple of lazy days since I last posted. There has been very little wind and well, the native are getting restless.

Yesterday we watched as friends tried to combine a sea kayak and a kite... lets just say that it was pretty funny to watch them get rolled around and to think I got to catch it all on film. HE HE!!!

Matt started teaching his last student a couple days ago but the wind hasn't been cooperating.

We've been trying to get out of the house and make a trip to the beach each day and Matt has had control of the camera. Its been beautiful and much cooler than when we first got here. I think the highs have only been in the low to mid 80's and the humidity is really low so its great weather. Our blue skies have returned, now we just need the wind.

Here's a picture that Matt took of me reading on the beach today...

Thanks to SaraAmarie for the grungy frame that I recolored.

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