Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tropical Storm Olga

Well, Round 2 is here.

Just a quick note to give you a bit of an update on Tropical Storm Olga. We are currently under a tropical storm warning here along the north coast of DR. (At least we aren't covered under inches of ice!!!)

So far, we are just seeing rain bands and wind bands and Matt is trying to figure out when he can go kite-board so I'm sure I'll have some pictures later on today. The seas are rough, but so far, not as rough as when Tropical Storm Noel came through. We do expect the weather to worsen a bit today and tonight but overall we're just hanging out watching it (inside when its pouring rain and on the beach when its clear).

Here is a link that will give you all the public advisories and the latest info. We did well with power and internet during Noel so hopefully we'll have the same luck again. I'll try to update the blog as much as possible during the storm.

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Cre8tvlyyrsGina said...

How scary Angela!
I hope you both will be safe through this storm.