Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rainy Days Continue

We've had a pretty quiet week.  The weather has been cloudy and rainy almost all week.  No new pictures, but I hope to have some this weekend of the birds and hopefully of Matt kiting as well.

Saturday - April 10 - Happy Birthday Sis!!!
We spent the afternoon at the North Flats and Matt got some kiting in. 

Sunday - April 11 
We started out the day by finally finding the Farmers Market here.  We picked up some great carrots, onions, pita bread, banana bread and the best tasting fresh grapefruit juice ever!!  We then headed to the North Flats and Matt was able to get in some kiting again.  We needed to restock food so we headed back over the bridge to Port Isabella to visit the local Wal-Mart.  Overall, great prices and found everything we needed for the coming week.

Monday - April 12
We have needed to wash the RV since we set out.  Between snow and Mag Cloride from Colorado and good ole Missouri mud, we were quite dirty (not to mention over 2500 miles of driving grime).  We set out in the morning to wash both the truck and the RV.  The clouds were threatening rain but we thought we could sneak it in.  Of course, as soon as Matt climbs up on the roof with bucket, hose and brush, it starts to rain.  By the time he finished the roof, it was a downpour.  We decided that we would be wet anyway so we continued to wash both.  We were quite wet and cold by the time we were done (of course, Matt has vowed that I don't get to hold the hose to rinse anymore).  After coming in and getting warm, we didn't leave the trailer for the rest of day as it rained.  We decided not to risk a leak and rolled in our bedroom slide.

Tuesday - April 13
A better day with only intermittent rain showers.  Matt decided to brave the weather and go kiting (like he doesn't get wet anyway).  I decided to stay at the RV and get some scrapbooking done.  I was able to get 4 pages done but since I'm only in 2007, I'm not in any danger of running out of pages to do.

Wednesday - April 14
The weather was pretty yucky again today so we decided to take the day to do our laundry and clean the RV.  This was my first time in a laundromat that I can remember.  I thought it was sort of expensive at $1.50 per wash and $1.25 per dry, but guess I have to get used to it.  Thank goodness it was all empty and we could do all 4 loads at once - I do have to say that doing that much laundry in an hour and a half is pretty nice!!  We came back to clean out the RV and continue our never ending battle against sand and these horrible little sticky burrs that hurt when you step on them and they attach themselves to your feet.  In the evening, I did my first attempt at Cajun boiled shrimp.  We had our neighbors over for dinner and I think my first attempt was pretty good. 

Thursday - April 15
We woke up to beautiful blue skies this morning but very little wind.  We had a quick little lunch outside and Matt learned a very valuable lesson on why he should not feed the local birds.  He decided to share his BBQ Pringle with the little begging bird.  He was quite cute, but then he got a little greedy and tried to land on Matt's arm to get more food.  When birds attack!!!  Needless to say, no more feeding the local wildlife.  I needed to do some work today so Matt decided to head over to the North Flats to wait for the wind to come up.  His patience was rewarded as he did finally get to sail around for a couple hours. The clouds and wind came in this evening so a quiet night in the RV for us.

I think that catches us up on a pretty quiet week.

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