Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This thing leaks like a sieve....

Never say...  "I think we have got everything all fixed on the RV"....  Its bad luck...  and its never true!!!

This thing seems to spring a new leak every day so we have really started to dread the rainy days ...  Lets see if I can count all of the various leaks we have discovered since we began living in this thing a month ago...
  1.  I discovered that our bedroom slide leaks when it rains.  Lets just say that getting out of bed and going "Squish" in the middle of the night is NEVER a good thing.  In Missouri, it only happened on my side of the bed, however down here, its now Matt's turn.  After several unsuccessful attempts with duct tape to fix it, we have now resorted to sliding in our bedroom slide when it is predicted to rain.  Makes for an interesting climb over for Matt as we can't walk around the bed when the slide is in.  Score #1 for the RV.
  2. In Missouri we also discovered that the basement (the under bedroom storage area) leaked quite a bit.  Matt tightened all the locks on all the exterior doors and now they seem to be dry. Wohoo-We won one battle!
  3. I discovered a phantom water puddle in the toilet area in Missouri.  It has never repeated itself nor did we ever figure out where it came from (and no, no one went to the bathroom in the floor).  Score 2 for the RV....
  4. I discovered a small amount of moisture in the upper cabinet of the dining room slide.  Thank goodness, my scrapping stuff is all encased in plastic so no damage done.  This also has never repeated itself, however see #5 below.
  5. The very corner of the dining room slide was wet under all the camera gear.  It has only done it once and we have no idea where the water came from.  We are continuing to watch it and move the camera gear when it rains. Yep... another score for the RV.
  6. I went searching for something in my computer bag that I store in the front bedroom closet where the washer/dryer connections are.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled out the bags and found them soaking wet and mold growing on the carpet, GROSS!!!  I immediately yelled for Matt and he found that the water connections for the washer were so loose that he could tighten them quite a bit with his bare hands.  Of course, he had to work in a very small closet with only two small openings to tighten and re attach all the connections (see picture below).
  7. Matt was working outside the RV and when he went to get into his toolbox that is stored in the "basement", he found quite a lot of water inside it.  After emptying out ALL of the tools and drying them off so they don't rust, he went in search of the leak.  He could see a drip, drip coming from the area just above.  It could either be from the shower pipes, the water pipes running into the bathroom or the shower itself.  We conducted a few tests consisting of me running water in various place and Matt looking for the drips.  We finally had a pretty good idea that the actual shower was leaking.  After inspecting the shower, there was no caulking ANYWHERE... Ugh...  Off to the hardware store, again.  Matt spent the afternoon caulking every square inch of the flooring, doors, everything.  Then we read that you can't run water in it for 36 hours...  No showers yesterday, yuck!!  We tested with showers today and no leaks...  yeah...  another one for the Shetzers...
Doesn't he look just so happy to be all folded into the closet....  This was the offending water connections in the front bedroom closet.

All in all, even with all the new leaks this week, its been pretty quiet.  Matt has kited for 3 days of the past week.  The other days, we spent exploring Brownsville (with stops at the Guitar Center for Matt and Michaels for me), revisiting the Birding and Nature Center (pictures to follow in a post later on) and of course fixing each new leak as it decides to show itself.

Happy Travels,

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